Why It Is Impossible To Manage Time

Time management seems to have become a buzz phase that leads to unrealistic expectations. To manage something suggests that you are in charge of it, whatever it may be. Last I checked, time doesn’t adjust for anyone… It just goes.

I understand what the sentiment it trying to accomplish… don’t waste the time that you have. Perhaps a better way to look at your schedule and productivity is by way of a prioritization filter. If you have too many tasks to complete in too little of time, there is no amount of management that can change the circumstances. This is when you must pick what you will do and what you will push out.

We are in constant flux in prioritizing our time between self, spouse/significant other, family, work, and community. Perfect balance cannot be achieved. Between the ebbs and flows of the demands between the different groups, you will never have enough time. This leads to the ultimate question… How will you prioritize your time?