Who Wants To Tell Your Story?

When a business gets a new client, it is because of that person believes the story of that product and how it will solve a problem for them. That story is told by others who can be called advocates. An advocate is someone who believes in the story and lives by its narrative. Too often, businesses focus the advocacy of the clients and not enough on their staff. For the businesses that successfully invite their staff to become advocates, retention and referrals tends to jump through the roof.

Did you hear of the story about the Four-Seasons bear? A little girl and her family stayed at a four-seasons on vacation. It wasn’t until after the family had arrived at the airport to head home that they noticed the little girl’s teddy bear was left behind. When the family called, room services to locate the bear and send it home. Before shipping the bear home, the Four-Seasons wrote an email to the little girl that her bear just wanted a few more days of vacation and would be back soon. Included in the email was pictures of the bear at the spa, by the pool, dinning in the restaurant and so on. Did the Four-Seasons staff have to do this? Absolutely not. They believed in the story of the Four-Seasons and what it stood for. They were advocates to business that employed them.

How about the story of the nervous kid on the Southwest airlines flight? A kid, who had a fear of flying, had to take a plane to meet her mom for one reason or another. To make things worse, the little girl was going to fly alone. Garrick, the Southwest flight attendant noticed how nervous the girl was. He sat next to her, focusing his time and energy on making her laugh, making her special drinks, and distracting her from her fear. At the end of the flight, he announced that Gabby, the little girl, had just overcome her fear of flying. The entire plane erupted with an applause for the little girl. Did Garrick have to do any of this? Nope. But he believed in what he did and what Southwest stands for.

What would it look like if your business was full of people that believed to their core what your company stood for?