The Empowered Employee

My first job was at a popular department store. They were an organized company that made sure we knew what to do, how to do it, and always took our breaks. Aside from a minimum paycheck, there was little incentive to do more than what was expected. To put it simply, it was uninspiring.

After high-school, I took a second job at a local music store. I did not receive commissions, even though it was a sales job, but I did receive the freedom to work at the store as I saw fit. From cleaning and tuning up instruments to selling product on the floor, I had autonomy to do what I felt was right for the business. In addition to the autonomy, I was offered sales training that was unpaid and at night.

With the sense of responsibility for my performance, I joined the sales training course. During the day, I researched the available product. When customers walked through the door, I was proactive in helping them. My identity slowly became a part of the store’s success. All of this stemmed from the feeling of being empowered.

You cannot force inspiration among employees. You can only offer the environment and invite them to take action and become empowered. Are you creating an environment that empowers your employees to become remarkable?