Selling Green Eggs And Ham?

Do you like green eggs and ham? Have you decided that you don’t like them before you’ve tried them?

Many salespeople seem to use the same method from this Dr. Suss book as they do in their sales process. “Don’t stop until you get enough no’s” or “That’ wasn’t a real no… it was a yes in disguise”.

Many times, the prospect has decided no because they don’t believe they are in a safe space to talk. They often feel that if they shared insight, it would be used against them. Perhaps, they are saying no because they are expecting the salesperson to work hard and wear them down and they are trying to get out of the situation.

When sales is done properly, what you will find is that you don’t need to go to such great lengths to get the sale… By asking the right questions, you can invite the prospect into a safe space, leave the fox in the box behind, and let them discover in a more efficient manner that they do like green eggs and ham.