Our Story

The Advisor Suite is one of the only coaching platforms that was built on real experience. Mike Decker, the founder, actually lived it. He now finds, trains, and places the leadership and systems needed for other advisors to achieve similar results. 

In 2016, Mike Decker was invited to start a new RIA.

By 2020, that firm had planned around half a billion of assets.

How did that happen?

Most advisors focus on the hustle and work long hours.

Mike focused on methodically scaling the practice with systems.

As the firm grew, the right leaders were trained and placed.

In 2020, Mike made his exit from the firm to do what he loves most, training and business development. The Advisor Suite was created to offer objective and agnostic advice to advisors who want straight answers and clear solutions from someone who has actually done it.

Named after his own experience, the 100 Million Lifestyle Practice Protocol was created to help other advisors have access to the resources needed to scale their business without working themselves into the ground. 

When Mike’s not training advisors and their leaders on how to build a lifestyle practice, he’s with his family exploring the outdoors, cooking on his Big Green Egg, trying to learn how to fly fish, or playing one of the many instruments he’s learned over the years.

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