Our Story

The journey of Mike Decker and how his experience, both in marketing and in financial services, shaped what would become The Advisor Suite.
Mike Decker, our founder, started his career more than a decade ago in search engine marketing. From targeted SEO and local listings to strategic google ads, he led many small businesses to digital marketing success. Though he was having great success in search engine marketing, life happened (as it does to us all) and he found himself taking an opportunity in the financial service industry.

Over the next 7 years, he learned the industry from the inside out. In 2016, he even co-founded an RIA that had a significant amount of success. During his time in the industry, it became apparent that most all independent financial practices use the same or similar white papers. Most practices lacked a strong brand as their content seemed to be the same as their competition. It felt as though most financial practices were dinner seminar sales processes.

After departing from the RIA he co-founded, Mike was determined to bring to the financial services industry marketing solutions that were 100% custom and authentic. White-papers and turn key solutions would become a thing of the past. The goal was to create one agency that could provide multiple lead sources while being 100% true to the branding and mission of the firm.

The Advisor Suite was created to provide clear marketing solutions that were backed by emotional intelligence and real-time data, so the advisor could rise above the dinner seminar sales process. The systems used within The Advisor Suite allow independent advisors the opportunity to finally have their marketing efforts all work together in an efficient effort to generate leads and fill their calendar.

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