Our Story

The Advisor Suite is one of the only coaching platforms that was built on real experience. Mike Decker, the founder, actually lived it. He now teaches other advisors to do the same. 

Mike Decker started his financial career shortly after the 2008 crisis. He was originally hired to help with marketing, but quickly was tasked to rebuild and improve upon the firm’s planning software and general firm operations. It didn’t take long before he was promoted to run the operations of this firm.

In 2016, Mike co-founded another firm that did over 50 million of new busiesns in it’s first calendar year. In year two, the business closed around 100 million in total new assets. Within 3 years, the firm had offices in four different states.

In 2020, Mike made his exit from the firm to do what he loves most, coaching. The Advisor Suite was created to offer objective and agnostic advice to advisors who want straight answers and clear solutions from someone who has actually done it.

When Mike’s not coaching advisors how to build a lifestyle practice, he’s with his family exploring the outdoors or playing one of the many instruments he’s learned over the years.

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