Our Story

The journey of The Advisor Suite’s founder, Mike Decker, and how his experience, both in marketing and in practice management, shaped what would become The Advisor Suite.

In 2014, Mike started in the financial industry.

He was fortunate to have a front-row seat within a very successful RIA.

By 2015, he was running the operations and expansion of that firm to multiple states.

In 2016, he left and co-founded his own RIA.

In 2017, that RIA brought in over 50 million of new business.

By 2019, they had offices in 4 states.

Mike and The Advisor Suite is one of the few coaching and marketing agencies that can say “we lived it and did it”.

Is it possible to produce 50 million in new business within a year or so?



By putting in principle-based systems.

By implementing principle-based marketing.

By developing an authentic brand and offer.

Today, too many advisors are selling the same “stuff”.

If you want to become a high-producing practice, develop your authentic foundation.

You cannot rise higher than your foundation allows.

The Advisor Suite is not an FMO/IMO/BD or any conflict of interest.

We are paid to get results.

For most of our clients, that means producing 50 million or more of new business year over year.

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