Suite Funnels

Create digital marketing funnels that capture, nurture, and convert leads into appointments.

Suite Funnels

Need more leads? Tired of working dinner seminars and classroom events? Radio not working as well as you had hoped?

Suite Funnels is an alternative marketing strategy that can help you get qualified leads scheduled on your calendar. Each funnel is custom-made to you and your company’s brand. Here is how it works:

First, we create a custom lead magnet to be used in your funnel. An example would be an online quiz.

Second, we build AI-based landing pages to increase conversions and lower the cost per lead for you.

Third, we develop a 100+ day nurture system that tracks their online behavior, warms them up, and invites them to schedule a call on your calendar.

The purpose of Suite Funnels is to get qualified leads to schedule appointments on your calendar.

What’s included:

  • Custom Lead Magnets
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Custom Email Follow Up
  • Grow Your List Of Prospects
  • Behavior-Based Nurturing Systems
  • 100+ Day Nurturing System
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Google Ad Management

Setup Fee: $1,000
Monthly Management Fee: $2,000

Agreements are month to month. The monthly management fee does not include ad spend.

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