Our Services

All of our services are intended to help you build a lifestyle practice that you can run in 2.5 hours per week.

An Overview Of What We Offer

Leadership Recruiting 

We will find and train your future Director of Operations or Director of Marketing with our unique approach that looks at both eligibility (technical skills) and suitability (emotional abilities). Take the guesswork out of hiring and put the odds in your favor so you can enjoy a lifestyle practice.

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100 MLP Protocol

Whether you already have leaders in-house that need additional training or you want your new leaders being recruited to get the training they need, the 100 Million Lifestyle Practice Protocol is designed to train your leaders to run and scale your lifestyle practice. 

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Individual Coaching

Want additional help that is not met within the scope of the Leadership Recruiting or 100 MLP Protocol services? Request Individual Coaching. This service is designed to address the uncommon difficulties you may be experiencing so you can enjoy your lifestyle practice.

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