Me Vs Team, Which Is It?

The team dynamic is a delicate ecosystem that is rarely developed in a balanced and healthy manner. This of your team for a moment. Do you have some that are strong type A individuals? How about others who remain quite, but once in a while have good ideas? Do you have a few that tend to lag in performance and struggle to keep up? How about the person that seems to always believe he/she is right? Can you feel the imbalance?

When we look at a team, it is important to understand the paradox of power and how you approach helping others and asserting your own needs. For the purpose of this post, I will use Dr. Harrison’s definition or both traits. Assertive is the tendency to put forth personal wants and needs. Helpful is the tendency to respond to others’ needs and assist or support others to achieve their goal. When these seemingly contradictory traits are brought into a balanced harmony, they become complimentary. This leads to genuine strength. Can you imagine what that would look like?

Next time you are in a meeting with your team, start looking for patterns. Cross reference them with the definitions you just learned. Then play a game by asking “what if”. What if George gave more time to the team as he tends to be the first one done on his projects. What if Noel focused on her tasks more and spent less time trying to solve everyone’s issues? If you can name it, you can tame it. Every person on a team has power to affect positive change. Will it be you?