It’s A Pain To Heal

Healing is the process of moving from a state of pain or lack of integration to a state of balance or “flow”. Flow is defined as having the conscious and the subconscious operating in harmony with each other and your sympathetic (active and alert) and your parasympathetic (calm and relaxed) are balanced. Basically, you feel balanced and whole (no pain). Pain is caused when there is an interruption of flow. It can vary from mental pain, to emotional pain, or physical pain. Consider the following.

Our muscles make up essentially a pulley system that our brain uses to coordinate movement. At times, our muscles can create knots, or as doctors call them, “myofascial trigger points”. When a knot or trigger point is formed, we tend to try and avoid it by either moving in a stiff manner (rigidity) or medicating to numb the pain and continue on however we choose (chaos). Both methods ignore the cause, and more often than not, the overall situation gets worse over time. The only way to heal is to deal with the pain.

When steady pressure is applied to a knot or trigger point, it hurts, but it will eventually go away. This deliberate, and often painful method is the only remedy that addresses the actual problem.

In business, we often find ourselves fighting pain in different forms. From making enough sales to retaining our clients, it tends to feels that if it is not one thing, it is another. For many of these business “trigger points”, many use to “turn key” programs as the solutions. What seems like a “proven” method that can give an immediate fix to a problem, is similar to the comparison of moving in a stiff manner (rigidity) or medicating to numb the pain (chaos). You will often see instant results with a turn key solution. However, they tend to not last, leaving you back to address the root of the problem.

Take a moment to consider your long-term objectives. To accomplish them, you will need to avoid self and business rigidity (trying to force an outcome) or medicating (turn key, manipulation-based solutions) and bring yourself and your business into a state of balance or “flow”. When you are authentic and aware, you have flow and your business will organically attract advocates and grow.